Since 1984, Tesko has been designing and constructing buildings with “Turn key” delivery, eliminating the intermediations and establishing a partnership of trust with their clients.
Tesko is a company that uses know-how of the professionals with long term verified experience : architects, engineers, and specialists of construction plant advice the client in every delicate phase of the realization of the proper house, remaining available also once the house is finished.

Long company history has created the opportunity to focus also on commercial and banking sectors, ensuring the security, solidity and maintenance. To be able to assist in case of critical situations and first aid to restore the systems as they were set before.

Moreover Tesko collaborates with high level professionals specialized in national as well as international projects. With one Italian famous designer had cooperated with Tesko to design one of the biggest commercial area in China.


Tesko looks also in the future and deeply analyses the renovation sector and the future needs in order to search for innovation technologies which reduce energy consumption and satisfy the increased demand for nowadays clients. Tesko requalifies and renovates houses, offices and other buildings with great care for the energy efficiency of its projects, in order to build a shared culture of respect for the environment.

Lavoro di consulenti in ingegneria, architettura e impiantistica e vendita diretta di case e uffici


Tesko's constructions are always deeply analysed in every step of operation in order to be successfully completed. Tesko treats every project as its own property that the client gets the best result with additional value. The client always perceives this and is satisfied because he had chosen Tesko.


  1. High technical know how obtained in 40 years of experience; An expert team able to work in all fields of construction industry : architectural design, engineering,

  2. Plant design and choice of finishes;

  3. High-quality building materials.

Servizi nell'architettura, ingegneria, impiantistica e design